Mijungu: friends,Family who want my money, but never supported my hustle

Ken Mijungu: friends,Family who want my money, but never supported my hustle

The accompanying post on Ken Mijungu businesses and the lack of assistance from some loved ones was composed by Ken Mijungu: Last week there was a screen shot doing rounds about a lady who sells honey but his friends and family members would buy from Jumia claiming they sell at a cheaper price. Its her decision that grabbed my eye since it is the outright reality. “Add Jumia to your WhatsApp group” for that weeding that ruracio group you added us you never support.

This is the regular reality for us all trying to earn enough to pay the bills through doing one legitimate business or another. You don’t put money in my pockets yet at whatever point you need something I am you first point of call. So where do I get that money to give? From somebody else who gave me a business?

I have been doing my vehicle leasing business and imports business for 10 years at this point and a lot of loved ones have not even once knocked my door to give me business but I see them driving new vehicles now and then, I meet them in the village with 4x4s that they don’t possess, some sadly hired from me by car brokers or from individuals I supply. Once a neighbor wanted a vehicle from me, we were unable to agree on the cost since he didn’t accept the market rate. He wanted it somewhat less expensive. We disagreed later he hired my very vehicle through a broker. I can’t help thinking about what he felt when the vehicle showed up with the fact that he paid even more for it.

Last week an old buddy was in the country for her Grandma’s burial. He called me to request a vehicle to the village. I didn’t have what he needed. This person has been placing money in my pocket for quite a long time. Heaps of it at that. I didn’t reconsider. I got him one and paid for it from my pocket. Why? He puts money in my pocket!

Actually for me its friends first. They run legitimate businesses and I should support them. I purchase my chicken from Dorry Amonde Okoyo My friend Mercy sells clothes I buy from her, I realize she has ends to meet, my friends at @carsoko sell vehicles, in the event that I can’t import my own I purchase from them. My friends Dorcas, Byron Otieno Owago Onyiro and Josephine sell fish, I buy from them. I go to my neighbors carwash. Ben sells tires in Madaraka, you won’t ever see me at Yana, I would prefer to request that he obtain from them and afterward sells to me. I go to The Urban Shave Executive Barbershop since I know Calvins and he is my neighbor at home. He is the person who will appear at my time of need. I am aware of a friend who runs a nail parlor. Shirley Lumumba reveals to me not even her friends make their nails from her. How disastrous tragic if you may

I purchase mboga from some the grocery store run by a woman by my doorstep. These are the people I will add on my WhatsApp group whenever I am in a difficult situation. Around then I have the legitmate reason to request a coin from them since I put money in their pocket. Backing your own if you can’t don’t call to ask me for a small loan! From where?don’t add me to your wedding or ruracio mchango group if you have never supported my small business.

Might be you think in the event that we support them, they will show improvement over us, well no! They are already better than us. They have what we don’t. We are simply claiming legitimacy for that rainy day at one point or another. They will not starve to death by the same token. However, we can request that they support us at our time of need without blinking. There are people in our business life that we have their numbers on top favorite list. We pick their calls at the first ring. At whatever point they call we know its uplifting news for our businesses and we appreciate you always. Add us to your WhatsApp groups at whatever point you wish. We will appear at night and spend our time with you late in the wee morning hours like my friends Prof or Jared or Enock and others who consider me first at whatever point they have business. We will Fuliza or go for M-Shwari to contribute to your needs ,sorry to say but that’s the truth and it always hurts.

Before the long post concludes, Please deliver in case you are entrusted with an obligation. Try not to exploit loved ones. Refund what you borrowed, deliver what was requested, offer the best services when called upon and don’t request more in light of the fact that you realize he got some more where that came from. Treat your loved ones with a similar mentality and professional idiosyncrasy you treat others.