PASTOR Catches Man in Bed with His Wife In Their Matrimonial Home Tells Man To Take Her For Free

In a Kakamega village, a startling incident unfolded as a clergyman stumbled upon his wife engaged in a compromising situation with another man within the confines of their marital residence.The religious leader, who had been attending a relative’s funeral, received a tip-off about an unidentified man seen in his household. Responding promptly to this information, he swiftly returned home unannounced and discovered his wife in a compromising situation with the man, later revealed to be her former lover….CONTINUE READING

The man involved in the affair defended himself, claiming, “She informed me that her husband was away and invited me for intimate relations. Unfortunately, we were caught. There was a time when she was my spouse, and I even fathered her child.”

Expressing disbelief, the pastor struggled to comprehend his wife bringing another man into their shared home. Outraged villagers took matters into their own hands and administered a form of punishment to the woman for betraying her husband within the sanctity of their marital home, resulting in injuries.

Having reached his breaking point with his unfaithful wife, the pastor declared that he was finished with her and granted permission for her extramarital partner to take her without hindrance.

“I cannot tolerate living with an unfaithful woman. Let him take her and start a new life together,” he asserted.

Interestingly, it is noteworthy that the man involved in the affair was acquainted with the pastor’s family.