“Siwezi Date Vera Sidika,” Stivo Simple Boy Reveals Vera has been DMing him -

“Siwezi Date Vera Sidika,” Stivo Simple Boy Reveals Vera has been DMing him

Kenyan rapper Stephen Otieno Adera, known as Stivo Simple Boy, has stirred up social media by revealing that he has no interest in dating socialite Vera Sidika.

Lately, Stivo Simple Boy has been making headlines for his relationships with various Kenyan women. He was recently seen in the company of up-and-coming rapper Wanja Wa Kihii, and the two exchanged affectionate words, hinting at a passionate relationship.

Despite his romantic endeavors, Stivo Simple Boy has firmly stated that he has no intention of becoming romantically involved with Brown Mauzo’s former lover, Vera Sidika. When discussing Vera and Brown Mauzo’s breakup, he emphasized that he views Vera as a sister.

“Vera ni kama dadangu mkubwa. Mimi siwezi mdate. Si poa,” he remarked.

Stivo Simple Boy also revealed that Vera Sidika had been sending him direct messages, seemingly trying to win his heart. However, he chose not to respond to her messages, as he has no interest in pursuing a relationship with her.

Recently, Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo ended their relationship. Brown Mauzo shared the news on social media, explaining that they could no longer be together.

In response, Vera Sidika posted a photo of herself on an airplane, suggesting that she was choosing to “catch flights, not feelings.”

Stivo Simple Boy speculated that the breakup might be a publicity stunt, but even if it were genuine, he reiterated that he would not consider dating Vera.