Questions Raised About Demathews Death After Mt Kenya Artist Linked it With his Last Political Song

Music in the Agikuyu community for the longest time has been used as a tool of passing wisdom and information to the community and generations.

Famous artists such as Joseph Kamaru, Joseph Wamumbe and Makibi James have been credited for being among the founders who have passed their mastery and wisdom in music to new generations such as the late John De-Matthew.

De-Matthew for the past decade was one of the most followed and listened to Kikuyu artists. At one point, De-matthew predicted a huge victory for President Uhuru Kenyatta and once it was attained, he was branded as the communities’ seer.

In majority of his songs, Dematthew has predicted various occurrences in the political space that came out to be true.

Unfortunately, the Kikuyu artist died on a road accident on August 19.2019. His death was mourned by the entire nation including president Uhuru who during his burial described him as one of his closest friends.

Before his death, Dematthew had released a political song that he named “Twambe Turihe Thiri” (We first pay the political debt) that meant the Kikuyu community should first fulfill Uhuru’s promise that he made to William Ruto to become President. This was among his last political song released while he was alive.

According to Murang’a Cultural Preservation Alliance chair Ayub Muchai, three years since De-Matthew’s death, questions still linger around his death.

Muchai insinuates that the artist death was not explained to them clearly and the fact that it happened immediately he began promoting the song message in various areas in MT Kenya, his death raises more questions.

“Emerging scenarios in our politics cast a big shadow of doubt on his death. We will certainly demand an audit of the environment, scenario and circumstances he died in.” he said.

Muchai vowed to revist the issue after the elections so as for the union to have closure on the matter.

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