Cebbie Koks: Main Reason I deleted Steve Ogolla’s photos on my social media Accounts

Businesswoman and Public Relations expert Cebbie Koks recently addressed queries regarding her decision to remove her husband, Steve Ogolla’s, name and images from her Instagram profile. This action sparked speculation about the status of their relationship, particularly in light of previous rumors of separation in mid-2023.

While Koks had dismissed separation rumors in October, online observers noticed significant alterations to her Instagram presence in January 2024. They observed the deletion of pictures featuring her husband and modifications to her profile, further fueling speculation, particularly following rumors of an impending divorce between Cebbie and Steve.

In a discussion with Jagero on February 14, Cebbie Koks addressed the swirling rumors surrounding her Instagram activity. Asserting her right to privacy, she emphasized that she isn’t obligated to elucidate every personal decision she makes. She stressed the importance of respecting personal boundaries, particularly in the realm of social media, where public figures often face relentless scrutiny.

“People tend to focus on trivial matters; I also have a business to attend to. Why fixate on irrelevant details? We often harbor a negative bias rather than a positive one. People ought to focus on their own lives instead of meddling in others’,” she expressed.

Cebbie underscored the power of choice in online interactions, advocating against feeling compelled to justify every social media move. “Authenticity is crucial for me in my online presence. Living authentically means making choices aligned with my passions, goals, and aspirations. Explaining every decision would be chaotic and detrimental, leading many public figures into depression,” she elaborated.