Actress Awinja: No Woman Gets Pregnant to Raise a Child Alone

Kenyan actress and influencer, Jacky Vike, widely recognized as Awinja, has ignited a significant discourse on single motherhood and the imperative of engaged fatherhood.

In a candid declaration, Awinja lauded men who shoulder their parental responsibilities and empathized with the circumstances of single mothers.

She underscored that single motherhood is rarely a deliberate choice. “It’s a matter of circumstance, but let’s be clear, no woman aspires to be a single mother. No woman plans to raise a child alone. Each single mother has her own story, her own reasons for finding herself in that situation at that particular time. That’s why I find present fathers so appealing,” she articulated.

Her sentiments strike a chord, shedding light on the societal obstacles and personal hardships encountered by single mothers. Awinja extolled responsible fathers, recognizing their pivotal role in nurturing a well-rounded upbringing.

Additionally, she offered words of encouragement to single mothers, emphasizing the significance of self-care and mental wellness.

“Prioritize yourself when you’re raising a child. If you’re in a good mental, physical, and emotional space, the journey becomes more manageable. Whether you’re a single mother or not, it’s feasible. It’s challenging, but achievable. Sometimes we fail to realize that our children give us purpose, they drive us forward. Without them, we might have found ourselves in far worse circumstances,” Awinja added.

Her remarks have sparked a broader conversation on co-parenting and single parenthood. Kenyan singer Jovial recently shared her own trials, labeling co-parenting as “one of the most emotionally taxing experiences.”

Jovial highlighted the lingering acrimony between co-parents, which detrimentally affects the child. “They may think they’re getting back at you, but the real casualty is the child,” she lamented on social media. Jovial advised prospective parents to be adequately prepared mentally and emotionally before embarking on parenthood.

Other celebrities have also chimed in. Akothee, a prominent Kenyan musician, recounted her struggles with co-parenting, particularly when one party disregards legal agreements. She expressed gratitude for a mediator who assisted her in navigating these challenges.