Pastor Kanyari Gifts Tizian Ksh.50,000 For Being CuteOn Tiktok.

Pastor Kanyari, a well-known and somewhat controversial figure in Kenya, has made headlines once again, this time for his unexpected venture onto TikTok. Despite initial skepticism, his presence on the platform has garnered attention as he utilizes it as a platform to pray and spread the message of God.

Amidst the plethora of content on TikTok, Pastor Kanyari felt a calling to address the rising tide of immorality, seeing an opportunity to reach those who were veering off course. Like many other users, he also engages in soliciting gifts on TikTok, and remarkably, within just a week, he amassed over ksh.400,000 in contributions.

An intriguing development occurred when Pastor Kanyari went live with Tizian Savage, marking their first encounter. During their interaction, Pastor Kanyari expressed that many followers had urged him to initiate such a session and extend an invitation to Tizian.

Tizian, equally enthusiastic about the meeting, engaged in dialogue with Pastor Kanyari before the latter surprised him with a monetary gift as a token of recognition for his fame. This gesture amounted to ksh.50,000 sent via Mpesa, highlighting the financial opportunities available to prominent figures on TikTok.

Comments flooded in, with some expressing amusement at the possibility of the pastor retracting the gift later on. Nonetheless, others marveled at the ease with which TikTok personalities, like Tizian, accumulate wealth on the platform, with some even reaching the pinnacle of making millions.