Julius Charles: The Gigantic Man Featuring in Rose Muhando's Hit SONG 'Secret Agenda' -

Julius Charles: The Gigantic Man Featuring in Rose Muhando’s Hit SONG ‘Secret Agenda’

Tanzania’s renowned gospel musician, Rose Muhando, has recently released a new song called ‘Secret Agenda’. The song is about overcoming witchcraft and defeating any evil plans made by enemies. It also encourages people to trust that God will turn any negative agenda into blessings.

The music video of the song features a very tall man who has caught the attention of many viewers. This man is none other than Julius Charles, who is also known as “The Giant Julius” on social media.

Julius Charles was born in Mwanza and is the second child in a family of seven. He is the only one in his family who has inherited the tall genes. Growing up was not easy for him as he was often teased for his height and physical features, causing him to struggle with confidence issues in school.

Julius Charles stands at an impressive 7.5ft tall, wears a shoe size 18, T-shirt XXL, and has a waist size of 44. Despite his height, Julius faces challenges in everyday life such as entering buildings, vehicles, and finding clothes that fit him properly. Some people still fear him and tend to run away upon seeing him.

However, his gigantic stature has also opened doors for him, such as education sponsorships, playing basketball, and worldwide recognition, as well as jobs.