“Kazi Ilikuwa Raundi Moja tu!,Kunyamba Na Kukimbia Uchi Kwa Nyumba Akisema Bazuu bazuu” Prude Opens Up On Divorcing Willis Raburu

Marya Prude has vehemently denied assertions that it was the media personality, Willis Raburu, who terminated their relationship. She asserts that she took the initiative to end things after discovering that her former partner lacked the prowess to satisfy her intimate desires.

In a statement captured by muranganewspaper, Marya reminisces about the day she unwittingly fell in love with the prominent TV personality. “He assured me he was capable. Initially hesitant, I eventually grew disenchanted over time,” she recounted.

Marya Prude has not hesitated to openly discuss Willis Raburu’s shortcomings in the bedroom, referring to him as “Mr. raundi moja” (one-round man). “That man was utterly incompetent. It was a one-round affair, a hasty performance followed by excuses,” Marya Prude declared emphatically to one of our reporters.

This revelation by Marya Prude comes several months after Willis Raburu entered into matrimony with another woman.