Bahati To Wed Diana Marua On 12th December

Gospel musician Kevin Bahati has made a heartfelt announcement about his upcoming wedding with his wife, Diana Marua, scheduled to take place on the 12th of December 2023.

In a beautiful moment captured on Instagram, Bahati surprised Diana by proposing to her for the second time. He went live on Diana Marua’s channel to share this special occasion with their followers.

Filled with joy and excitement, Bahati declared, “She said yes, and I am thrilled to officially announce that the 12th of December will be our wedding day.”

To make the moment even more memorable, Bahati knelt down before Diana and asked her to marry him once again. Overwhelmed with emotions, Diana tearfully accepted his proposal.

Expressing his deep desire for a genuine wedding ceremony this year, Bahati shared, “This year, I want to marry you in a real wedding. I want us to renew our vows.”

With anticipation in the air, Bahati asked Diana the question, “Will you marry me, Diana?”

Overjoyed, Diana replied with tear-filled eyes, “Yes, yes, yes!”

This proposal came shortly after Diana expressed her disappointment in a recent social media post, where she complained that her husband had not surprised her throughout the year.

Bahati revealed that he had anticipated Diana’s lack of acknowledgment on Father’s Day because he hadn’t been able to shower her with gifts as he used to.

To make amends and show his love and appreciation, Bahati organized a highly publicized live session at precisely 3:00 pm. During the broadcast, he expressed his intention to shower his sleeping wife with gifts.

Additionally, Bahati shared a touching sentiment about celebrating Diana on Father’s Day due to her tremendous support for their family, especially during his announcement of vying for a parliamentary seat.

“When I revealed my decision to run for office, that’s when she told me she was expecting. She stepped in as a father figure, taking care of everything. That’s why I thought I should celebrate her before she even considered celebrating me,” he explained.

Among the gifts Bahati purchased was the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max. As the couple enjoyed a date by a serene lake, the lovebirds basked in the happiness of this memorable moment.