Huyu ni pastor ? – Mwalimu King’ang’i & Maina Kageni on Pastor Kanyari’s Tiktok drama

Radio personalities Mwalimu King’ang’i and Maina Kageni have recently discussed Pastor Victor Kanyari’s activities on TikTok. Kanyari has been actively streaming on the social media platform, sparking controversy with many of his live sessions.

Upon joining TikTok, Kanyari asserted that his primary aim was not monetary gain but rather to propagate the gospel among the platform’s predominantly youthful user base.

However, Maina raises a thought-provoking query: Does Kanyari still hold the mantle of a pastor? He prompts listeners to share their perspectives, particularly if they’ve viewed Kanyari’s TikTok content.

Here’s a snapshot of reactions from both the audience and social media:

  • @just_sizzla_._ jokingly suggests that Kanyari tends to switch roles with the seasons.
  • @titianlilian dismisses Kanyari’s pastoral identity outright.
  • @lizndungekween brings up Kanyari’s past controversies and questions the legitimacy of his current actions.
  • @kariuki_gabi4 expresses surprise that some still put faith in Kanyari post-exposure.
  • @reypatrp reminisces about past scandals involving Kanyari, contrasting them with their own anticipation of different content creators’ live streams.
  • @tn_claire97 mocks Kanyari’s claim of spreading the gospel.
  • @definatly_notmwangi humorously remarks on the irony of some individuals never changing despite being exposed.
  • @khaleesivika refrains from judgment, acknowledging the complexities of the situation.
  • @magz_njo recounts their own disinterest in Kanyari’s content and questions his ability to effectively minister to the youth.

These reactions capture a spectrum of opinions on Kanyari’s presence on TikTok and the authenticity of his intentions.