Safaricom Breaks Silence on M-Pesa Delay as Kenyans Hint at M-Pesa Integration with KRA Pin

Safaricom PLC, the foremost mobile service provider in Kenya, has taken swift action in addressing a series of grievances raised by users encountering disruptions in M-Pesa services.

A prevalent issue emerged, leaving numerous customers unable to successfully complete transactions on a Tuesday morning, inciting frustration and apprehension within the mobile user community.

Users reported receiving alert messages detailing delays and the inability to process their M-Pesa requests. The message recommended waiting for ten minutes before attempting another transaction. Consequently, a substantial number of individuals turned to social media platforms to vent their frustrations, with one Twitter user succinctly expressing, “MPESA is down @safaricom_care @SafaricomPLC.”

ODM Communication shared unverified information via Twitter, asserting that the integration of M-Pesa with one’s KRA pin was currently underway, according to Councillor Njohi.

In response to the escalating complaints, Safaricom formally acknowledged the widespread service outage. Utilizing their social media channels, the company issued a public apology, reassuring users that rectifying the M-Pesa disruptions was their utmost priority.

In a statement addressing the concerns of its user base, Safaricom posted, “Hello. We regret to inform you that there is a general outage affecting M-PESA services on STK and APP. This is being addressed as a top priority. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”