Jaguar Addresses Rumours That He is The Father of Hamisa Mobeto’s Child

CAS Charles Njagua Kanyi, renowned by his stage moniker Jaguar, is urging those propagating falsehoods to desist from spreading misinformation asserting that he is the biological father of Tanzanian socialite, aspiring actress, and businesswoman Hamisa Mobeto’s son.

Despite persistent online rumors since 2020, the legislator vehemently denies being the biological father of Dylan, Hamisa’s child whom she shares with Tanzanian bongo singer Diamond Platinumz.

“While I often find myself tagged in his pictures, Hamisa’s son is not my offspring,” declares the “Kigeugeu” hitmaker, determined to put an end to the unfounded allegations. He adds, “I believe Hamisa knows precisely who her child’s father is.”

Jaguar asserts his commitment to not willingly neglecting his child, expressing that he would not deny him the opportunity to socialize and bond with his Kenyan siblings. This effort is made to distance himself from accusations, considering Jaguar already has five children with three different mothers.

Setting the record straight, he reveals having had only two encounters with the emerging Tanzanian artist. The latest meeting occurred three weeks ago when Hamisa visited Kenya to celebrate her 29th birthday in a grand style.

In response to the claims, Jaguar questions the logic behind ignoring Dylan if he were indeed his biological child, especially when he is actively involved in caring for his other children. Expressing dissatisfaction, Jaguar remarks, “If Dylan were mine, why would I ignore him while taking care of the others? Don’t you think he would be hanging out with them?”

The rumors initially gained momentum when Jaguar openly admitted to fathering a child in Tanzania years ago, without disclosing further details. The situation escalated when the now-CAS tagged Hamisa in an Instagram post wishing Dylan a happy birthday, which has since been deleted.

Despite the perceived resemblance between Dylan and Jaguar’s other children, the CAS maintains that Dylan is not his offspring. He emphasizes that his connection with the Tanzanian socialite is purely platonic, and he urges detractors to refrain from baseless speculation. In light of the unfolding events, internet users draw parallels with the iconic Michael Jackson song “Billie Jean,” emphasizing the need for factual clarity.