Bena Wa Malines Denies Neglating His kid, Says the Mother is Clout Chasing,”anataka pesa Huyo”

TikTok sensation Bernard Kamulu, better known as Bena Wa Malines, recently addressed accusations of neglecting his child in an exclusive phone interview. He vehemently denied any involvement, stating that he is not married and has no knowledge of the woman making the allegations.

While admitting to having a child, Bena clarified that the child is under the care of its mother, and he is not currently romantically involved with anyone. He dismissed the motives behind the woman’s claims as an attempt to seek attention, highlighting previous instances where women have sought attention by associating themselves with him since he gained fame.

In a video posted online on November 16, the woman, Lydia Waithera, claimed to be Bena Wa Malines’ wife and shared a troubling account of their relationship and parenting challenges. According to Lydia, she and Bena met in Juja and initially formed a friendship. She already had a 3-month-old daughter at the time, and Bena assumed responsibility for caring for the child. However, tensions arose in their relationship after Bena gained fame, moved out, and brought them to live with him.

While Lydia’s video presents her perspective, Bena’s denial casts doubt on the legitimacy of her claims. This situation underscores the complexities of personal relationships and the challenges that can arise when allegations are made publicly. It is essential to approach such matters with caution and consider all perspectives before forming an opinion.