”Huyo Nitamguza Guza” Krg The Don Message to Bahati After Being Touchy With Diana.

Krg The Don gained widespread attention on the internet when a video surfaced featuring him and Diana Marua, the wife of Bahati, engaging in playful behavior. The video sparked considerable discussion, with many criticizing Krg The Don for what was perceived as disrespect towards Diana Marua.

While the incident appeared controversial, both Krg The Don and Bahati seemed unfazed, enjoying the attention and trending on various social media platforms. In an interview with online media, Krg The Don clarified that there is no romantic involvement between him and Diana Marua. According to him, they are simply close friends who relish spending enjoyable moments together.

Emphasizing their friendship, Krg The Don expressed that he sees Diana Marua as a sister, and when they meet, they share quality time, create fond memories, and enjoy each other’s company as friends. He dismissed any reservations about getting touchy with Diana Marua in the future, highlighting their platonic relationship.

Krg The Don has consistently referred to himself as the Godfather of Bahati’s children, asserting that, in his eyes, Bahati and Diana constitute a family. Regardless of the online chatter and criticism, he affirmed their enduring friendship, stating that they will persist in hanging out together and having fun as they always have.