Meet John Kamau, A Kenyan man making millions from selling Mutura in America

The tale of John Kamau, a Kenyan entrepreneur raking in millions through the sale of Mutura in the United States, is a blend of hard work and passion. John Kamau, the owner of Lims Nyama Choma, has transformed his love for culinary arts into a thriving business empire.

His journey to success was no walk in the park, as John Kamau faced numerous challenges before his endeavors began to bear fruit. Originating from Limuru, Kamau explored various opportunities before establishing a restaurant in the bustling city of Seattle, America.

He worked as a plumber in South Sudan and sold Curious in Zambia to make ends meet. The turning point in Kamau’s life came in 2013 when he won a green card lottery. Fueled by a strong desire to succeed in the business world, Kamau ventured to America and settled in Seattle.

The Inception of Lims Nyama Choma
Kamau’s exceptional culinary skills and love for Kenyan dishes gained recognition when he prepared nyama choma (grilled meat) at a friend’s gathering. The positive reviews and requests for his cooking services that followed inspired Kamau to turn his passion into a business.

“After cooking nyama choma at a friend’s party, I received numerous calls from people asking me to cook for them at a fee,” recounted Kamau, buoyed by the encouraging feedback.

Motivated by the positive response, Kamau embarked on a mission to establish a food business empire. He started receiving requests to cater nyama choma for various events, marking the beginning of his journey as a restaurateur.

With unwavering support from his family, Kamau transformed Lims Nyama Choma into a true family business. His wife, Caroline Kamau, assumed the role of the main chef, ensuring the authenticity of the flavors. His sons, Simon Kamau and Steve Kamau, contributed their skills as a waiter and accountant, respectively, creating a memorable dining experience for customers.

Facing the Challenges of Business
Similar to many other states in America, starting a business presented challenges for Kamau. Navigating the complexities of compliance with licenses and standards was no easy task, but his determination for success remained unwavering.

Soon after establishing Lims Nyama Choma, Kamau’s efforts and commitment to providing an authentic Kenyan experience paid off. The restaurant attracted customers from diverse backgrounds, including Kenyan expatriates, South Africans, and non-Africans alike. It quickly became a gathering place for the Kenyan community in Seattle, fostering a sense of community and familiarity.

Beyond being just a restaurant, Lims Nyama Choma, operating from Tuesdays to Sundays, has become a cultural hub. The delectable flavors of Kenyan cuisine, coupled with warm hospitality and an authentic atmosphere, make it a go-to spot for Kenyan food enthusiasts seeking a taste of home and a place to connect with fellow compatriots.

Kamau reflected on his journey, stating, “Mostly hustlers like me fit here very well, as opposed to the wealthy because this is where I got my first Ksh1 million. So I can say it’s a great opportunity for those who are determined.”