“Hautaki mtu ako na sura ngumu kama mimi,ati unataka lightskin ako handsome na beautiful” Stivo Simple Boy starts his own live dating show

Kenyan enigmatic figure and musician, Stivo Simple Boy, has ventured into uncharted territory by initiating his very own dating show. With a quest to uncover his ideal partner, he embarks on a captivating journey in pursuit of the woman who embodies his aspirations and desires.

In a rather tumultuous turn of events following the revelation of his partner, Grace, and her purported pregnancy, the situation took an unexpected twist. During an exclusive interview with NTV, Stivo Simple Boy acknowledged Grace’s virtuous qualities while emphasizing that he would only consider marriage if her admirable traits persist.

Stivo Simple Boy stirred a digital frenzy when he decided to bare his emotions openly, confessing his affection for Ngesh Kaveve kazoze. With earnest intentions, he expressed his readiness to embrace matrimonial commitment and designate her as the nurturing mother of his future offspring.

Regrettably, Ngesh Kaveve kazoze responded to Stivo’s overture with a decisive rebuff, delivered in a manner characterized by its straightforwardness and unapologetic candor. Expressing her lack of interest in a romantic liaison with Stivo Simple Boy, she forthrightly disclosed her preexisting commitment to another individual.

Upon grappling with this rejection, Stivo Simple Boy ingeniously seized the opportunity to inaugurate his own dating-themed spectacle. This innovative endeavor unfolds on the vibrant platform of TikTok, where he endeavors not only to assist others in discovering their compatible counterparts but also to embark on his personal odyssey in search of his soulmate.

In a momentous video that has rapidly gained traction across online spaces, Stivo Simple Boy can be heard conversing with a lady, elucidating the reasons behind her reluctance to embrace his advances. “Kwani hutaki mtu ako na sura ngumu kama mimi,” he inquires, as he interlaces his interactions with the signature flair that captivates his audience.

At the age of 33, Stivo Simple Boy finds himself at an opportune juncture to establish a lasting romantic bond. His journey through numerous unsuccessful entanglements fuels his determination to finally encounter a compatible partner who resonates with his essence. This new chapter promises both personal growth and the potential discovery of an enduring love story.