I’ve committed over 35 abortions, I’m now married and can’t give birth – Lady weeps

A young woman has gone viral on the internet as she seeks public sympathy after being told by doctors that she can never conceive due to her past abortions. In a video that has garnered massive reactions and comments, the lady confessed to having had over 35 abortions, which has led to her infertility.

In the video, the lady, who is only 20 years old, weeps as she expresses regret over the consistent abortions she had undergone, which she says were meant to save her from the shame of being pregnant without a husband. She also revealed that her husband has threatened to divorce her because she cannot bear children.

However, some social media users have expressed doubt about her claims, calling her a pathological liar. They argue that it is highly unlikely for a young woman to have undergone 35 abortions at her age.

Regardless of the veracity of her claims, this story highlights the dangers and consequences of unsafe abortions, especially in societies that stigmatize unmarried women who become pregnant. It also brings to light the emotional and psychological toll that such decisions can have on individuals and their loved ones.