Wanted: Mulot SIM swap gang leader finally arrested in Kericho

On Wednesday, the leader of a notorious SIM swap gang was finally arrested in Kericho, Kenya. The group, known as the “Mulot gang,” had been causing havoc for years, stealing millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims through SIM swapping techniques.

SIM swapping, also known as “port-out scamming,” involves the fraudulent transfer of a phone number to a different device, usually with the intention of gaining access to the victim’s online accounts. The Mulot gang was particularly skilled at this, using their technical expertise to target high-profile individuals and businesses.

The arrest of the gang leader, who has not been named, marks a major victory for law enforcement in Kenya. It is believed that the gang had been operating for several years, with victims in multiple countries.

The arrest was the result of a joint effort between Kenyan and international authorities. The investigation began several months ago, after a series of successful SIM swap attacks were reported. Working closely with the victims, the authorities were able to gather enough evidence to track down the gang leader and his accomplices.

The arrest is a reminder of the dangers of SIM swapping and the importance of protecting oneself from these types of attacks. It is not yet clear how many members of the Mulot gang were involved, or how much money they were able to steal from their victims. However, the arrest of the gang leader is a major step towards bringing them to justice and ensuring that they can no longer victimize innocent people.

Overall, the arrest of the Mulot SIM swap gang leader is a major victory for law enforcement and a warning to other criminal organizations that use similar tactics. It is important for individuals and businesses to stay vigilant and take steps to protect themselves from SIM swap attacks, as they can have devastating consequences.