“KRG ni kilema mwenzangu Enda Youtube sikiza ngoma yangu ya vichuna na usikie na yake utajua nani kilema “,Stevo Simple Boy

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has conveyed his hesitancy to engage in a collaborative effort with fellow rapper KRG The Don. In an interview with SPM Buzz, Stevo disclosed that he does not perceive KRG as an artist but rather categorizes him as a video vixen.

Despite KRG’s previous collaboration with Konshens, Stevo maintains his disinterest in forming a musical alliance with him. However, he does entertain the idea of involving KRG as a video vixen in one of his music productions, stating, “KRG is simply a vixen; he does not qualify as an artist. It matters little whether he has collaborated with Konshens. Someday, you should join as a vixen in my music video.”

Langata Member of Parliament Jalango recently commended Stevo for his musical talents, asserting that Stevo Simple Boy currently outshines KRG in the music scene. According to Jalango, Stevo stands as the forefront artist, with others positioned beneath him. Jalango expressed his enduring admiration for Stevo’s musical prowess, underscoring his unwavering support.

Shifting gears, KRG The Don orchestrated an exclusive listening party for his latest track, “Time Bomb,” featuring Konshens. The invitation-only event unfolded at the Pan-Pacific Hotel in GTC Nairobi, drawing a diverse audience that included politicians, business professionals, content creators, and members of the media.

Among the noteworthy attendees were MP Jalang’o, CAS Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua, Phiona Tosha, Nick BigFish, Terence Creative, Milly Chebby, Eddie Butita, Businessman Juma, Dr. Cassypool, DJ Kemgal (KRG’s Manager), DJ Lyta, Bensoul, Maandy Kabaya, DJ Adalla, DJ Gaza King, Austin Mungai, Cindy K, and others.