Winnie Wandimi: From Milk Bar To Founding Wimssy Fresh Dairy Ltd

Winnie Wandimi, CEO of Wimssy Limited, is a dairy industry entrepreneur with a passion for cows and milk. Growing up as a farm kid, Wandimi developed an interest in dairy farming and, 13 years ago, founded Wimssy Limited. The company now works with over 3,000 dairy farmers and manufactures products such as fermented milk and yoghurt.

In an interview with Utmost Precision, Wandimi spoke about her journey in the dairy industry and how she started small with a milk bar before scaling up. “We started off with a milk bar, we had a very small room where we would do processing manually. We started thinking of how we can scale it up and buy more milk from farmers,” she said.

As demand for their products grew, Wandimi and her team decided to add value to the milk by incorporating more farmers and creating new products. Today, Wimssy Limited employs over 100 people and supports over 1,000 farmers. The company also offers trainings, animal feeds, and connections to government support services to ensure farmers produce the best quality of milk.

However, Wandimi acknowledged that the biggest challenge in the dairy industry is the competition for limited milk. “In the dairy sector, we have a lot of players and this means we are competing for limited milk. You have to make sure that you play your part in ensuring that you keep your farmers happy,” she stated.

For those interested in venturing into dairy farming, Wandimi advised conducting market research and understanding government policies and regulations. “You need to be sure about what you want to do, the space that you want to go into and where to source for your milk. You also need to find out how the market is responding to your products and know the government policies and bodies that regulate manufacturing,” she said.