Stevo Simple Boy: To Marry Pritty Vishy , She Has To Pay Me Ksh.2 Million.

The romantic drama and captivating online altercation between Stevo Simple Boy and his ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy have reignited, following Stevo’s resurgence after overcoming financial hurdles.

Having relocated back to Kibera following a fallout with his management, Stevo decided to reopen his feud with Pritty Vishy through a brief interview with a Kenyan online media outlet.

During the interview, Stevo Simple Boy made it clear that any chance of reconciliation with Pritty Vishy would come at a cost. He asserted that despite not missing her and adamant about never doing so, her previous online defamation compelled him to set conditions for their potential reunion.

According to Stevo, for Pritty Vishy to even consider reuniting with him, she must first pay him Ksh. 500,000. Furthermore, if she desires to bear his child, the price tag stands at Ksh. 1 Million. Lastly, should she wish to marry him in a white wedding ceremony, she must fork out Ksh. 2 Million. Failure to meet these financial demands would result in Stevo dismissing any possibility of reconciliation.

Stevo emphasized that these conditions are non-negotiable and represent the only pathway for him to entertain the idea of rekindling a relationship with his former flame. Their relationship came to an end two years ago due to issues surrounding infidelity.