WorldCoin: Cryptocurrency Network That Pays Kenyans Ksh 7,000 for Eye Verification

Since its launch, the World Coin trading platform has gained significant traction, especially among university students and individuals frequenting malls and other areas. As one of the newest crypto trading platforms in Africa, World Coin has quickly become one of the most popular platforms globally. Founded by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, World Coin is not just an ordinary cryptocurrency but a groundbreaking digital currency with a mission to create a more inclusive and equitable global financial system.

At its core, World Coin is a worldwide financial and identity network based on the concept of proof of personhood, a critical factor in the era of artificial intelligence, according to Sam Altman. The uniqueness of World Coin lies in its distribution model. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that rely on mining, World Coin utilizes an innovative method that offers nearly every individual on Earth a chance to own some World Coin. This approach has the potential to significantly impact global financial inclusion and create a more equitable distribution of wealth.

World Coin’s popularity is evident in Kenya, particularly in Nairobi, where large queues have formed around major shopping malls as Kenyans embrace this technological advancement. Many Kenyans have joined World Coin by downloading the app from the Google Play store and registering, receiving grants of 25 coins, valued at approximately 7000 Kenyan shillings. These grants are distributed each month, incentivizing users to remain active on the platform.

To claim the rewards, users may need to verify their identity through iris scanning, a technology that has surprised and intrigued many individuals unaware of these developments. The grants can be withdrawn through platforms like Binance or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

Despite facing restrictions in many countries, including its country of origin (USA), World Coin’s growth continues unabated. The founder remains confident that they will achieve their goal of reaching one billion users within the set timeframe.

In conclusion, World Coin has quickly established itself as a prominent cryptocurrency platform with a global user base. Its innovative distribution method, coupled with its focus on financial inclusion, has attracted a large number of users, especially in Kenya. As World Coin continues to evolve, it has the potential to revolutionize the global financial landscape and contribute to a more equitable and accessible digital economy.