Nyeri Woman Divorce’s Husband Over VERY Big “MJULUS”

A woman residing in the Mjengo area of Nyeri County, Kenya, decided to initiate divorce proceedings against her newlywed husband, citing a rather unusual reason – the size of his genitalia. Local reports shed light on this unique case.

The housewife, who is also a mother of three, sought the dissolution of her marriage due to her husband’s exceptionally large manhood, referred to as “mjulus” in the local parlance. Surprisingly, their divorce was granted a mere week after their wedding in accordance with Kenyan law, which recognizes the legal union.

The woman had married this man after her previous marriage had fallen apart. Following their wedding, she adhered to the customary practice of moving into her husband’s parents’ home before settling into their marital home. However, it was during their first intimate encounter that she began to experience distress.

She lamented in court, saying, “It’s strange; I can no longer find pleasure with him. His mjulus is unmanageable and too large for me. I cannot continue with this.” Her statement resonated with the court, ultimately leading to the dissolution of their marriage.

After their initial attempt at intimacy, she confided in her mother about the distressing experience. Her mother advised her to endure, suggesting that with time, she might adapt. She even provided her with medication to alleviate the discomfort.

The couple attempted to be intimate again, but the pain proved overwhelming. As a result, they jointly decided to end their marriage since no medication could salvage their relationship.

Notably, the husband did not dispute the accusations. He expressed his willingness to proceed with the divorce on the condition that he received the full repayment of his dowry and the money spent during their courtship, with no delays.