Angel Waruinge: How Killing Tahidi High Miss Morgan Saved My Life

Angel Waruinge, a former Tahidi High actress, recently spoke with muranganewspaper.co.ke about how slaying her famous Miss Morgan character allowed her to regain control of her life.

She explained that saying goodbye to Miss Morgan was the most important decision she ever made, as it opened her up to new opportunities and a newfound fervor for life. Angel is currently showcasing her acting skills on the Showmax TV series, Kina, and is also exploring production. Additionally, she is enrolled in a two-year psychology school program to use her past experiences as lessons for future generations.

Angel’s personal battle with depression and alcoholism has been documented, and she has actively engaged her friends and colleagues while embarking on mentorship tours across hundreds of schools across the country. Angel and her colleagues use their personal stories as cautionary as well as inspirational tales to help students avoid unnecessary falls.

Angel also opened up about how media personalities often face mental health issues and challenges, and it’s essential to tackle them head-on. In response to this worrying trend, Angel started her very own show on her YouTube channel, aiming to create a platform where Kenyans can openly talk about mental health issues. Tina Kaggia will be one of her guests, and the show’s focus is to tackle mental health problems.

Angel is also working on a new TV show project, part of which was shot in Mombasa, but progress has been slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions. Despite these challenges, Angel remains optimistic and enthusiastic about the project’s future.