Miracle Baby to Open Church After Surviving 4 Surgeries

Former Sailors gang member Peter Mwangi, famously known as Miracle Baby, has hinted at the prospect of opening a church following the successful completion of four surgeries. Transitioning from his roots in gengetone to becoming a Mugithi artist,

Miracle Baby shared his aspirations during an exclusive interview, expressing his faith that despite lacking the resources to begin building a church, God will provide. He disclosed his current approach to spreading his message through music until he can establish a physical place of worship.

Addressing inquiries about the genre of his upcoming music releases, Miracle Baby emphasized that all his songs will carry positive and uplifting messages. He conveyed his conviction that even though he currently lacks the tools and materials necessary for constructing a church, he trusts in God’s guidance and provision for this endeavor. Additionally, he assured his audience that his music will continue to be a medium for delivering meaningful messages.

In April, Miracle Baby underwent his fourth and final surgery to address gastrointestinal issues he has been battling since 2018. His health struggles began with an intestinal obstruction in the same year, leading to his initial surgery. Despite temporary relief with over-the-counter medications in 2020, his condition deteriorated, resulting in hospitalization in 2022 and subsequent surgeries in 2023.

During one of his hospital stays, Miracle Baby expressed his intention to pursue a pastoral role and engage in preaching. He expressed gratitude to those who supported him and reaffirmed his belief in God’s plan for his life.