DRAMA: Man visits girlfriend and catches her moaning in pleasure having twatwa! with his Shamba Boy

In a shocking incident in Central Kenya Nyeri Town a man found himself with swollen testicles after his love rival allegedly attacked him with a hammer…. CONTINUE READING

The accused, Dlamini, appeared before regional magistrate , where he pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charge. The court heard that Dlamini claimed to be in a relationship with the woman involved and felt betrayed upon discovering her in a compromising situation with his shamba boy.

According to Dlamini’s account, he arrived at his homestead from work one night in December and heard her moaning in pleasure. Enraged by this, he banged on the door, prompting the other man the said shamba boy, to flee the room in his boxer shorts.

Dlamini gave chase and allegedly assaulted kamau’s testicles with a hammer, causing further injuries with a deep wound.kamau was left unconscious, and the incident was reported to the police, leading to Dlamini’s subsequent arrest. He was remanded in custody until 6 March.