Chura Video Unites Kenyans Again Days After ‘Baba Gloria’s’ WhatsApp Blunder (Video).

Barely 2 days after social media was brought to a standstill by Baba Gloria, another video has emerged, uniting netizens all over Kenya.

For those living under a rock, Baba Gloria accidentally sent a pornographic sticker to a family funeral group.

He then later after realizing that he had sent the sticker to a wrong WhatsApp recipient, deleted for himself instead of deleting for all.

Now, a new video doing rounds on the deep web has got Kenyans talking with some concerned on how something like that can ever happen to a human being.

In the video that has caused a storm, a lady is seen positioned in a squaring position with her private parts focused on the camera.

Then there is a hand trying to pull out what looks like a leg of an amphibian.

As the video continues, the lady starts moaning then a frog comes out of her privates as the video fades out.

You can say that you have already seen everything but clearly not a frog coming out of a vagina.

Watch the Video; VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED (This video is not suitable for persons under the age of 16, it may also cause disturbance to the viewer).