Diamond Gifts His Daughter Tiffah Iphone 14 Pro Max Worth 5 Million

Diamond Platnumz is a true trendsetter and role model for men. This Tanzanian superstar has not only made headlines for his high-profile relationships with top-notch celebrities from around the world, but he has also shown himself to be a devoted father to his children.

Recently, Diamond shared a heartwarming video on social media of his daughter, Tiffah Dangote, expressing her gratitude for a gift that had her jumping for joy. And what was this gift? A brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Some may scoff at the idea of a phone being newsworthy, but this was no ordinary phone. It was the highly-coveted iPhone 14 Pro Max, a gadget that’s sending tech aficionados into a frenzy. Diamond had splurged on the latest and greatest iPhone for his little girl, ensuring she had the very best. Tiffah’s beaming smile and excited reaction made it clear that the gift meant the world to her.

In the video, Tiffah can be seen unboxing the phone with the help of her mother, Zari Hassan. As she reveals the sleek new device, Tiffah thanks her father with pure joy and excitement.

But just how much did Diamond spend on this extravagant gift? According to sources, the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro Max retails for around Ksh 172,000, while the most expensive model can cost as much as Ksh 290,000. If Diamond went all out and bought the top-of-the-line version, he would have spent over 290k Kenyan shillings or roughly 5,299,999 Tanzanian shillings.

However, for Diamond, the joy on his daughter’s face was priceless. In a world where fathers often neglect their parental duties, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity dad who is setting the bar high for men everywhere.