“Iliniuma sana”: Stevo Simple Boy Opens Up After KRG Called Him Disabled

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has finally addressed the public regarding his emotional response to being labeled as “lame” by dancehall artist Krg The Don during a live radio interview. In an exclusive conversation with digital content creator Trudy Kitui, Simple Boy confessed that the derogatory remark left him feeling not just uneasy but profoundly heartbroken.

Initially praised by lawmaker Jalas as the top singer in Kenya, with Krg The Don following suit, Simple Boy found himself at the center of controversy after Krg publicly dismissed him. The rapper, deeply affected by the harsh criticism, shared his sentiments in an interview, expressing his hurt while acknowledging the dynamics of Kenya’s music industry.

This incident triggered a surge in media coverage, as Simple Boy, seeking to reclaim his self-esteem, engaged in numerous interviews with digital media journalists. Jalas, in a bid to uplift Simple Boy, had previously declared him superior to Krg and all other artists in the country during the Listening Party of Krg’s song “Time Bomb,” featuring Jamaican artist Konshens.

Seizing the opportunity to respond, Simple Boy asserted that Krg, in his opinion, was only fit to play the role of a video vixen in his music, distancing himself from Krg’s musical style and composition. This bold statement, however, deeply affected Krg The Don, prompting him to refrain from retaliating during a radio interview with Mwende Macharia. Krg explained that he chose not to engage in a verbal exchange with someone living with a disability.

Expressing his perspective on the matter, Simple Boy, also known as Stephen Karuga Kimani, shared in an interview that while the derogatory comment hurt him deeply, he recognized it as part of the banter within the music industry. He admitted to not understanding the specific reason behind Krg’s choice of words, emphasizing that such exchanges are inherent in the music industry’s trends and online interactions.

In breaking his silence, Simple Boy aimed to convey both the emotional impact of the incident and his acceptance of the industry’s competitive nature, despite being unsure about the motives behind Krg The Don’s derogatory remark.