I’M an Original Lesbian and I Will never Date a Man again in my life – Notiflow vows

For those curious about what would transpire if Noti Flow were to end her relationship with her girlfriend, her response is that she would seek companionship with another woman.

During a YouTube interview, she openly declared her status as a certified lesbian and emphatically stated that she couldn’t envision herself dating a man again. “Now I am a committed lesbian. I don’t foresee going back,” she affirmed.

Noti emphasized the loyalty of her current girlfriend, King Alami, as the foundation of their relationship. According to her, the dynamics of their connection are more straightforward because of their shared understanding as women. “I mean, come on. She is incredibly loyal. When a woman loves, it’s genuine. I’ve had experiences with men, and it didn’t end well. They’ve always been unfaithful,” she disclosed.

In response to inquiries about her parents’ sentiments regarding Noti, King Alami conveyed that they hold a deep affection for her, surpassing that of any previous female partners. She shared that marriage might be on the horizon in the next 10 or 11 years. King Alami’s parents have already met Noti, and her disclosure about her sexuality happened at age 14 with her father expressing acceptance, while her mother found out at age 18.

The narrative shifts to a positive note, highlighting Noti Flow’s generous gesture of surprising her girlfriend with a brand new Volkswagen on her birthday. Although previous allegations of physical abuse marred their relationship, Noti Flow indicated that those issues are now in the past.

In a twist, Noti disclosed the unfortunate revelation that she did not receive any earnings from her hit song “Foto Moto” due to unforeseen copyright complications. She encouraged her fans to stay tuned, hinting at the possibility of new music releases in the near future.