From Journalist to Pineapples seller: The Story of Charles Muriithi’s Dramatic Career Shift after Having a Love Affair with Wife’s Boss

Charles Muriithi, a seasoned journalist formerly with Nation Media Group, has experienced a dramatic fall from grace. Once a prominent cameraman for the Mt. Kenya region, Muriithi is now seen selling pineapples and watermelons on the streets of Kirinyaga.

Muriithi’s career took an unexpected turn on January 9, 2024, when he was dismissed from his position following a confrontation with his boss. The conflict stemmed from a romantic relationship involving Muriithi’s wife, whom he had married in April 2023, and his boss.

The situation escalated into a heated argument and a physical altercation at an entertainment spot in Nyeri Town. This incident led to Muriithi’s termination and his boss taking decisive action against him.

The fallout from this confrontation was devastating for Muriithi. Not only did he lose his job, but he also faced a divorce shortly thereafter. His wife, who was also employed by Nation Media Group, filed for separation, leaving Muriithi to cope with the double blow of losing both his career and his marriage.

Now, in stark contrast to his previous life as a journalist, Muriithi has turned to hawking pineapples and watermelons in Kirinyaga to make ends meet.