Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru's Message To Mama Rachel Ruto Over Lawyer Paul Gicheru Death, Tells Her What To Do -

Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru’s Message To Mama Rachel Ruto Over Lawyer Paul Gicheru Death, Tells Her What To Do

Celebrated Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru has attacked First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto over the death of Lawyer Paul Gicheru who was testifying on the case of William Ruto’s involvement in the 2007/ 2008 post-election violence at the International Criminal Court as new details emerge.

Lawyer Paul Gicehru has condemned the death of Mr. Gicheru imploring First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto identified as a prayer warrior to condemn the act and educate those in power that “Those who kill by the sword shall die by the sword”.

“Mama Rachel Ruto, Those pastors responsible for organizing prayers at State House of Kenya should preach the sermon on “Those who kill by the Sword shall die by the sword,” Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru has penned in his social media tagging the deceased lawyer Paul Gicheru.

Kipruto Arap Kirwa a former Aide of President William Ruto has also reacted saying that, what the government should be swift at is to try and get the truth of what led to the death of the Lawyer months after battling the ICC case, and that the police should be at the frontline to tell Kenyans where he had lunch before taking his time to go and rest in bed at his Karen residence.

“We pray more will be known about Paul Gicheru’s death to avoid speculation, the police should tell us where he had the lunch,” Kipruto Arap Kirwa has said.

Dr. James Nyikal has however informed in an interview with KTN news that Mr. Paul Gicheru’s death should not be built on allegations and that what Kenyans should take note of is that it could be a natural death as a result of food poisoning

“Lawyer Paul Gicheru’s death could be natural because food poisoning may be due to bacteria in the food while it was stored,” Dr. James Nyikal has said speaking in an interview with the media.