Brian Chira Burial Marred With Wrangles ,Baba T is Forced to Explain Where He Got Kshs 275k iPhone

During a poignant moment at a candlelight vigil in Ruiru, Faustine Lipuku Lukale, affectionately known as Baba Talisha, addressed the community with sincerity, discussing recent developments following the passing of Brian Chira. Amidst the preparations for Chira’s funeral, Baba Talisha found himself under public scrutiny regarding the management of raised funds for the ceremony.

As a close friend of the late Chira, Baba Talisha assured the community that all donations received were duly recorded and would be utilized appropriately. Addressing online allegations of fund misuse head-on, he firmly stated, “The collected funds remain intact. I have not, and will not, misuse the resources gathered for Brian’s farewell.”

In an unexpected twist, Baba Talisha disclosed receiving a generous gift of a smartphone valued at KSh 275,000 from an unnamed benefactor. He emphasized that this gift was unsolicited and stressed that none of the funeral funds were expended on the phone. “I didn’t spend a single coin on this phone. I was simply asked to choose any phone I wanted from the store. This phone’s value is KSh 275,000,” he clarified.

Additionally, Baba Talisha pledged to contribute personal funds if necessary to ensure smooth funeral proceedings without financial constraints. He referenced a KSh 850,000 donation from another TikToker, expressing readiness to utilize a portion of it if required.

In a message advocating unity and forgiveness, Baba Talisha urged the community to let go of negative sentiments and refrain from spreading insults and accusations. “I harbor no grudges against anyone because holding onto negativity only drains you. Let’s cease the cycle of insults,” he appealed, advocating for peace and understanding during this challenging period.

As the community continues to mourn Brian Chira’s loss, the vigil concluded with a renewed focus on coming together to honor his memory with dignity and respect.