What’s the Next big Kenyan band boy after The Famous Sauti Sol?

Kenya’s renowned musical ensemble, Sauti Sol, founded by Bien-Aime’ Baraza, Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, and guitarist Polycarp Otieno, has proudly represented the nation for 18 years with their captivating melodies, earning them a cherished spot on the global music stage.

Though the band announced their separation in 2023 after nearly two decades of musical excellence, their influence remains deeply embedded in Kenya’s musical heritage, an integral part of its history.

In the wake of Sauti Sol’s departure, one might ponder if another group could fill their shoes. However, a glimpse at the current music scene in Kenya reveals a promising future.

Let’s delve into some of the bands making significant strides:

  1. Vijana Barubaru:
    Tutu Kantu and Mwana wa Wambui form this dynamic duo, whose music resonates deeply with their audience, drawing from personal experiences and relatable themes. Despite initial struggles, their hits like ‘Nakupenda’ and ‘Sasa hivi’ have firmly established their presence in the Kenyan music scene.
  2. Watendawili:
    Eugine Ywaya and Israel Onyach, known as Watendawili, offer a unique Afro-pop style, distinct from Sauti Sol. Despite a past stint with Sol Generation, they’ve found their artistic footing, crafting lyrics that captivate audiences. Tracks like “Napenda kupendwa na We” showcase their lyrical prowess, while “Cham Tum(atoti)” continues to garner attention.
  3. Brokuod:
    This trio, comprising Mbithi, Mabeya (Crooner), and Petero, captivates audiences with their enchanting vocals and captivating live performances. While rooted in Afro-pop like Sauti Sol, Brokuod aims for musical diversity, evident in their EPs like Sherehe, Kwetu, Shades of Us, with an anticipated debut album on the horizon.
  4. Jadi Music:
    Composed of Vince and Don.Tumbo and signed by Kaka Empire, Jadi Music specializes in Afrofusion, particularly love songs that deeply resonate with listeners.

while Sauti Sol’s departure marks the end of an era, the rise of these new bands signals a vibrant future for Kenyan music, each bringing its own unique flair and contributing to the rich tapestry of the nation’s musical landscape.