“I’m a good Kisser and I have Kissed Alot of Men” Pritty Vishy Brags.

The past year has been marked by controversy for Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, who has actively sought attention on various social media platforms. In a recent interview with Ashley Wambo, Pritty Vishy divulged personal details, particularly about her penchant for kissing men.

During the interview’s question-and-answer session, Ashley Wambo, the interviewer, broached the subject of the number of men Pritty Vishy has kissed. With confidence, Pritty Vishy admitted to losing count, asserting that, at the age of 20, she has kissed numerous men, including well-known public figures and some with whom she had discreet relationships while dating Stivo Simple Boy. The entire interview can be viewed on YouTube via the link provided (courtesy of Ashley Wambo).

This revelation adds weight to previous claims made by Stivo Simple Boy that Pritty Vishy had been involved with over 50 men. Pritty Vishy defended her actions, attributing her fondness for kissing men to her belief that she possesses alluring lips and is an adept kisser. She also disclosed that she is not a virgin and has an affinity for adult content.

In concluding her statements, Pritty Vishy asserted that a reunion with Stivo Simple Boy is out of the question; their relationship is definitively over, and she is prepared to move on and explore relationships with other men. Previous interviews suggest her preference for men who are affluent and drive expensive cars.