Nana Owiti: Why I broke up with huzy King Kaka for 7 months

Rapper King Kaka’s spouse, Nana Owiti, recently shared a candid account of a tumultuous period in their relationship. She disclosed that there was a point when she decided to end things for seven months due to King Kaka’s infidelity with renowned singer Sage Chemtai, which resulted in the birth of a child.

During an interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Nana expressed the deep pain she experienced upon discovering King Kaka’s affair. She described it as a profound betrayal that shattered her heart, prompting her to initiate a temporary separation, even as she was expecting their first child together.

“It felt like the ultimate betrayal. We parted ways for seven months before reconciling,” she revealed to Jappani.

Despite the hurt, Nana eventually chose to reconcile with King Kaka after he apologized for his actions. She acknowledged that both of them played a role in the relationship’s challenges and recognized her own imperfections.

“The reason I decided to give our relationship another chance was because of his sincere apology. We all carry our baggage, and while his mistake was cheating on me, I had my faults too,” Nana explained.

Nana shared that they have since addressed the issues that arose early in their relationship, particularly when King Kaka was striving to establish himself in the music industry. Today, they have overcome those hurdles and are in a better place together.