“Every girl’s body count is three. Mine too, but we start afresh every week,” Georgina Njenga says

During a recent interview with content creator Flossy Tukid, YouTuber Georgina Njenga candidly discussed various aspects of her life, such as her ideal partner and financial aspirations. However, what really caught everyone’s attention was her humorous response to a rather personal question.

When queried about the number of her sexual partners, Georgina initially stated a straightforward three. Yet, as the interviewer delved deeper, she playfully disclosed a unique perspective – her “body count” starts anew every week.

She quipped, “Every girl’s body count is three. Mine included, but we hit the reset button every week.”

In addition to her witty take on the matter, Georgina also shared her celebrity crushes in Kenya, highlighting figures like Tukid and Eddie Butita. Notably, Eddie Butita responded to Georgina’s comments by suggesting that she should express her affection through actions rather than just words.

In summary, Georgina Njenga’s interview showcased her clever and humorous side, particularly when addressing the topic of her “body count,” leaving her fans both entertained and intrigued.