” Nilizaa na Bwana Mjinga Kikaniramba” Jackie Matubia Slams Her Baby Daddy.

One of Kenya’s most renowned actresses, Jackie Matubia, has been a subject of controversy in recent times. The online sphere has witnessed several viral moments featuring Matubia since her separation from her ex-partner, Blessing Lung’aho.

Unlike Blessing, who has maintained a discreet stance on their relationship post-breakup, Jackie has taken to various online platforms to share her side of the story. She has provided hints and insights into the reasons that led to their separation, often directly and indirectly criticizing Blessing.

In a revealing video posted on her official YouTube channel, Jackie discussed the recent events in her life. She disclosed that one of her former partners had generously funded her trip to Dubai to celebrate their child’s birthday. While expressing gratitude towards this unnamed ex-partner, Jackie subtly mocked Blessing Lung’aho with her choice of words.

Addressing women, Matubia advised them to choose partners wisely when it comes to having children. She openly expressed regret for her decision to have a child with what she referred to as an unintelligent person. “Mkipata watoto, pateni na watu wako na akili, nilipata mtoto na Mjinga Kikaniramba,” said Jackie Matubia.

It was evident that this statement was directed towards Blessing. The online community reacted strongly to Matubia’s words, with many expressing their disapproval. A majority of netizens urged her not to speak negatively about her ex-partner and advised her to handle her healing process privately and with maturity.

They reminded Jackie that Blessing would always be the father of her child, and publicly shaming him would not be a solution. The consensus among online users was that acknowledging this fact and dealing with their differences privately would be a more constructive approach.