Sauti Sol’s Chimano Speaks On Having A Baby With Gay Sweetheart After Revealing Wedding Plan

Chimano of the renowned music group Sauti Sol courageously made a public declaration about his sexual orientation, revealing that he is gay. This revelation marked a significant moment for him after years of concealing his true identity. In the wake of this announcement, Chimano also expressed his desire to eventually get married and start a family.

Recently, during an event graced by the members of Sauti Sol, the openly gay singer shared his thoughts on the prospect of having children. He mentioned that, at present, his primary focus remains on his flourishing music career. When asked about his intentions regarding parenthood, he responded, “I’ll consider it. However, for the time being, I am still in the process of personal growth. For me, having children isn’t a status symbol to flaunt proudly; it’s a profound responsibility. It’s something that will naturally unfold if and when the time is right.” Chimano conveyed these sentiments during an interview with Mpasho.

His remarks about parenthood followed closely on the heels of his revelation regarding his intention to enter into matrimony, a decision he intends to keep shrouded in secrecy. Chimano emphasized his desire for an extremely private wedding, with only a select few in attendance. He expressed his desire to shield his partner from the harsh scrutiny of social media and to safeguard the privacy of his personal life.

When questioned about the possibility of an upcoming wedding, the interviewer inquired, “Can we expect a wedding soon?”

Chimano replied, “That is a matter I prefer to keep to myself for now. I am taking things one step at a time. The intricacies of that aspect of my life are something I am actively safeguarding. It’s a personal facet that I choose to keep away from the public eye. If, by any chance, the information becomes public, then so be it. However, I am dedicated to preserving the privacy of this aspect of my life, as it involves individuals who prefer to remain out of the limelight.”