“Sasa huyu ni msaani?” – KRG the Don mocks upcoming artist, tells her to go back to village.

An upcoming artist was left in tears after controversial dancehall artist KRG The Don decided to humiliate her before cameras.

The artist was being interviewed by Vincent Mboya when KRG showed up saying that she does not fit in the music industry. He suggested that she should resort to farming in the village because whatever she was singing did not make any sense.

“Mboya you are lying to this girl that she is an artist. Do you hear the things she is singing. Tell her the truth that she is a farmer. She should take a jembe and go back to the village. That is not how music is done. You are spoiling it. Will she get along with Nadia and Jovial. Why are you crying? This is Nairobi go back to the village,” the Casavera lounge owner said, adding that Mboya should show her the vehicle to her rural home.

“We don’t have space for upcoming artist. We already have enough musicians. We don’t want to support upcoming artists. Will you arrest us?” KRG further posed.

Mboya who went viral in 2021 for being ungrateful after Jalang’o settled his Kshs18,000 rent was also not spared in the attack.

“You also came to Nairobi recently and you are already lying to people that this is an artist. Get out of here. Mboya you became a blogger by mistake. You are doing the wrong job. I tell you daily to look for something else to do,” KRG said.

A section of Kenyans are however convinced that the incident had been stage managed and the three were just chasing clout in a bid to introduce the new artist to the entertainment industry. Mboya however denied the claims.

“I wonder Kenyans seeing a young talented and in fact lady getting humiliated and you are here saying its clout but its okay,” the YouTuber said.