“Niko na Pesa mingi na Mgongo Itaisha ” KRG Reveals Why He Wants To Buy A Plane -

“Niko na Pesa mingi na Mgongo Itaisha ” KRG Reveals Why He Wants To Buy A Plane

Controversial dancehall artist, KRG The Don, recently made a surprising announcement to his fans that he plans to acquire a private jet on July 27. A few weeks ago, he was seen at Wilson airport, arranging for a parking space for the upcoming purchase.

During a recent interview with Trudy Kitui and SPM Buzz’s Kido, KRG explained his reasons for wanting to own a plane. He emphasized that money is not an issue for him, as he is financially well-off and capable of buying a jet.

Addressing speculation that his decision was influenced by comedian Butita, who has been seen flying in private jets, KRG dismissed the notion and stated that he has no financial struggles in his life. However, he clarified that there is a difference between boarding a plane and owning one, and he wishes to have his own aircraft to facilitate his business ventures. With properties and farms to manage, he needs to move swiftly between locations to take care of various responsibilities, such as checking on his livestock and attending to business deals.

KRG also revealed an interesting detail from his past, sharing that at a young age of seven, he had experience with flying planes. He used to work in agriculture, spraying crops with planes, and one incident even saw him accidentally take a plane into the air when he touched some controls. While he knows how to fly, he has no intention of piloting his own private jet, as he prefers to focus on other aspects of his career and life.

In conclusion, KRG The Don’s decision to acquire a private jet stems from his desire for greater efficiency and convenience in managing his business endeavors and personal commitments. His wealth and past experiences have paved the way for this ambitious move, and he looks forward to the benefits that owning a private jet will bring to his life.