Meet Kisii Governor Simba Arati Beautiful Chinese Wife and Their Children

Simba Arati, the current Governor of Kisii County, shares a remarkable love tale with his wife, Kwamboka, originating from China. Their journey commenced when they crossed paths during Arati’s pursuit of a Business Management degree at Guangzhou University.

Kwamboka was captivated by Arati’s charisma, and soon, a profound love blossomed between them. After Arati’s graduation in 2006, they tied the knot and chose Kenya as their home. Despite their prominence, they prioritize privacy, keeping their personal affairs away from public scrutiny.

Kwamboka maintains a discreet profile, with limited details available about her background. Nevertheless, some notable aspects have emerged. Firstly, Arati remains steadfast in his commitment to his wife, openly expressing his disinterest in extramarital affairs, emphasizing the challenges of managing one relationship. Secondly, in 2018, the couple faced pressure to publicly disclose their relationship due to political demands. Critics questioned Arati’s marital status, casting doubts on his suitability to represent the Abagusii community. However, the revelation was met with baseless accusations of Arati neglecting Kenyan women for a Chinese partner, propagated by his political adversaries.

Moreover, Kwamboka’s singing prowess and proficiency in the Kisii language have garnered attention on social media. Despite enduring hateful rhetoric from rival politicians, the couple remains unwavering in their commitment to each other and their family. Proud parents of two children, they lead a fulfilled life together.

In essence, while Simba Arati and Kwamboka prefer to shield their personal life, certain details of their relationship have surfaced. Their love story, originating in China, has resulted in a union that has nurtured a loving family. Despite facing unjust criticism and prejudice, their bond remains unshakeable as they navigate the intricacies of public life together.