Msichana switi peremende – JULIANI pampers his wife LILLIAN as MUTUA battles cold nights in France! This guy is romantic.

Renowned rapper Julius Owino, popularly known as Juliani, has expressed his heartfelt wishes to his wife Lillian Nganga on her birthday. In a touching Instagram post, Juliani showcased his romantic side by showering Lillian with praise and admiration. Referring to her as “Nyar Okuyu,” he confessed that she captivates his heart and described her as a delightful woman of captivating beauty. His message conveyed deep affection and ended with a sweet declaration of love and birthday wishes.

Last year, Juliani and Lillian exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony, surrounded by their loved ones. Their union has been blessed with the gift of a child, bringing even more joy to their lives. As they celebrate Lillian’s birthday, their bond as a couple and the happiness they share together is evident.

Juliani’s message not only celebrates Lillian’s special day but also serves as a testament to the love and admiration he holds for his wife. Through his words, he showcases his romantic nature and expresses gratitude for having Lillian in his life. Their journey as a married couple continues to unfold, and with their child by their side, they are building a beautiful life together.