“Niko single,” Akothee Declares, Leaves Omosh in tears -

“Niko single,” Akothee Declares, Leaves Omosh in tears

Kenyan singer Akothee, also known as Madam Boss, has sparked a flurry of mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media after revealing that she is single again. The singer shared a cryptic message online, hinting at the end of her romantic entanglement with Denis Schweitzer, alias Omosh. Accompanying her post was a photo of herself with the phrase “Niko Single.”

Speculations about trouble in their relationship had been circulating among netizens recently. Observers noticed that Akothee had stopped sharing intimate photos of the couple on social media, as she used to do before and shortly after their wedding.

Kenyans responded with various mixed reactions to Akothee’s post, with many questioning its authenticity.

@KING FISI: I had said I wouldn’t miss your next wedding, but now I have to start saving again.

@HON.KALERWA SALASYA: The other day I asked you where Omosh was, but you didn’t respond. Now look at what’s happening.

@SONNY KHALISIA: I thought I knew who it would be on the 8th; now I have to find out again 😂

@JMALOW: Resting is heavenly 👉😹😹

@ERIC: Schwezier can’t move on that fast; he’ll get stuck where he is.

In contrast, a few days ago, Akothee delighted Kenyans during the official launch of her daughter Vesha’s Chateau 254 Gastol Night Club. The event was attended by several celebrities, and Akothee appeared with her ex-boyfriend, Nelly Oaks, dressed in matching outfits.

During the event, the singer showered Nelly with praise, expressing her gratitude for his unwavering support for her and her children. Although Akothee and Nelly Oaks had parted ways romantically, they remain on good terms, and Nelly still spends time with her children. Akothee also thanked Nelly Oaks, who serves as her manager, acknowledging him as the driving force behind her brand.