Meet George Natembeya the fearless John Michuki PA ready to take bandits head on - Now Trans Nzoia Governor -

Meet George Natembeya the fearless John Michuki PA ready to take bandits head on – Now Trans Nzoia Governor

Governor George Natembeya has exposed former regime about banditry.

That leaders in Jubilee shielded Uhuru and he lost touch with the common mwananchi.

That the sponsors of cattle rustling are within the govt,sits in those meetings while govt officials are planning to eliminate those terrorists. Very sad.

Natembeya has also said that police officers sent in those regions are never given allowances and end up having unholy alliances with bandits. They exchange bullets for a piece of goat meat for them to survive.

Former Interior PS supervised all these. Instead of giving police their dues he decided to finance bloggers.

George Natembeya Personal Life

The current governor of Trans Nzoia county is George Natembeya, who recently resigned from his position as the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner in preparation for the general elections on 9th August 2022. This essay explores his biography, including his background, education, career journey, and personal life details.

George Natembeya was born in 1971, and as of 2023, he is 52 years old. He attended the Kenya School of Government and obtained an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University of Nairobi. He also studied at the Mother of Apostles Seminary and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Nairobi in 1999.

Natembeya worked in the public service sector for over 25 years before resigning to seek an elective post. He began his career as a Personal Assistant to the late John Michuki, who was the Minister for Security. Natembeya learned a lot from Michuki and held the position for four years before his promotion to the District Officer position, followed by the Murang’a District Commissioner. While serving in Murang’a, he successfully suppressed the Mungiki gang that was terrorizing the area’s residents.

Governor Natembeya:

“The President should not be shielded by the few leaders around him from knowing the problems of the common mwananchi especially insecurity “

Governer Natembeya made a point that we can’t get results on matters security with a demoralised security personnel .

He was later appointed as the Isiolo County Commissioner in 2016 and then transferred to Narok, where he was responsible for protecting the Mau water towers. This was a challenging duty that saw him evict over 10,000 settlers amid great friction. From June 2019, he served as the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner until his resignation on 12th January 2022. Natembeya became the first high-ranking government official to table his resignation before the president in line with the Elections Act, which capped 9th February as the deadline for public service personnel seeking elective posts.

Natembeya has been vying for the Trans Nzoia gubernatorial seat, which he has won. Speaking about his move, he told NTV, “When doing work away from home, people see how you’ve done. So when people call you back home, you have no option but to heed their call.” Overall, Natembeya’s career journey reflects his commitment to serving the public, and his personal life details indicate that he is a dedicated family man.