Anto Neosoul Quits Nation FM After 4 Years -

Anto Neosoul Quits Nation FM After 4 Years

Anto Neosoul, a versatile media personality, has bid farewell to Nation FM. He was employed by the Nation Media Group’s FM in 2019 and hosted the evening drive show, Nation Drive. On Monday, he held his final show at the station.

According to an insider source, Anto resigned after requesting a salary review, which the company was unwilling to grant. The source stated, “He asked for a salary increase but the company declined to offer the amount he requested.”

Anto took to social media to say goodbye to his fans, stating that it was time for him to leave the show. He said, “It’s a difficult decision that I have thought about extensively, but the time has come.”

He confirmed to a source that he had left the company to concentrate on content creation and his music. Anto stated, “Yes, I am no longer at Nation since I felt there was no time for some other things that I was doing. I am grateful for my time there and the personal growth.”

Anto is now focused on his live performance, ANTO Live, which will take place on April 23, 2023, at The Alchemist. He will be performing music from his second album, Welcome 2 My Soul, as well as from his earlier catalogs. He has also dismissed claims that he was fired, saying, “If I had been fired, I would not have said farewell to my fans. It was a personal decision.”

Anto joined Nation FM with Oga Obinna, who now works at Kiss FM. Obinna shared a touching story about facing rejection and being undervalued at Kiss FM, but stated that he would not have achieved so much without overcoming the challenges.