“Kwenda kabisa” – Peter Munya Allegedly Chased Away By Hired Goons In Meru (Video).

The Agriculture CS was forced to cut short his speech after a group of unruly youths prematurely interrupted his meeting.

In a viral video, a group of youths sang local songs forcing the CS to halt his speech.Area police however intervened and saved Munya from embarrassment as they cooled the situation.

Munya had earlier dared his opponents to rally huge masses if they were popular in the area saying, “Wataweza kweli. Tukisema waweke mikutano ka hizi ya umati mkubwa. Wakuje waongee hapa nje kwa uwanja waache kujificha. Let them come out in the open and stop hiding behind closed doors.”

Taking to his Facebook page, Munya however did not share details of the alleged heckling.

“Attended Day 1 of Meru County Agriculture field day at Maili tatu stadium in Igembe Central.The field day bring various agriculture stakeholders to sensitize farmers on modern methods of farming aimed at giving farmers skills and expertise to increase their productivity and improve on quality.” Being Majorly a Miraa growing area, I assured Miraa stakeholders of government’s commitment to seek new Miraa markets and restore the already existing ones.I was accompanied by various heads of parastatals within the ministry of agriculture and local leaders.”