6 Kenyans Among Them 3 Minors Die In A Landslide In Gitugi, Murang’a County

Tragedy struck Kiganjo village of Gitugi ward, Mathioya Sub County on Sunday at 11 pm, claiming the lives of six individuals in a devastating landslide that engulfed three homes. Among the victims were three minors, a young person, and two adults.

The unfortunate incident occurred while the deceased were asleep in their respective houses, with the torrential rain hampering rescue efforts. The landslide, which also resulted in the loss of numerous livestock, struck perilously close to a previous disaster site that occurred four years prior.

Leading the rescue mission, the Kenya Red Cross has urged residents to relocate to safer zones as the area grapples with relentless heavy rainfall. Immaculate Iteba, Murang’a County Red Cross Coordinator, emphasized the importance of evacuating to Mutito Polytechnic for shelter until the weather improves.

Expressing grave concern, Gitugi MCA Edwin Mwangi vowed to collaborate with the County government to ensure the relocation of residents from landslide-prone regions to secure locations, mitigating the risk of further tragedies.

However, amidst the grief and rescue efforts, local residents voiced frustration over the perceived sluggish response from the county government, pleading for swifter action from disaster relief teams during emergencies.