Pritty Vishy: Stivo Simple Boy alikua Bongolala, hakua anajua hata kutumia whatsapp na mpesa , hadi kuniguza hawezi.

Stivo Simple, the former boyfriend of Pritty Vishy, faced public scrutiny when his ex-girlfriend openly labeled him as an uninformed individual, referring to him as a “dump head man.” The criticism stemmed from Stivo’s apparent lack of knowledge in handling basic and commonplace items.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty Vishy disclosed that Stivo was unfamiliar with using WhatsApp, particularly during a challenging period of his life in Kayole. This lack of familiarity with the messaging application was attributed to Stivo’s limited understanding of its functionality. His previous management had cautioned him against using WhatsApp, believing it would impede his progress.

According to Pritty Vishy, Stivo’s ineptitude extended to his use of Mpesa, a mobile money transfer service. She asserted that she personally taught him how to navigate Mpesa, as he had been sharing his private information with Mpesa attendants, leading to transactions at random locations. Pritty suggested that Stivo’s perceived illiteracy was exploited by his former management, contributing to his exploitation and misuse in the past.